Contact persons for

Sample submission, order, quotations and invoice:

molnar anita2
NameAnita Molnár
Qualifications environmental engineer
Job description Assistant Research Fellow, Scientific Secretary, Quality Management, Quality Assurance
Specializations radiocarbon sample preparation, quality assurance
Mobile number  
Phone number +36 (52) 509-200   /11223

Radiocarbon scientific questions:

Molnar Mihaly02
NameMihály Molnár
Qualifications physicist
Job description Head of Radiocarbon Laboratory
Specializations radiocarbon dating, radiochemistry
Phone number +36 52 509 213

Send sample(s) to the laboratory, for shipping use address:

Katalin Hubay
HEKAL AMS Lab, Isotoptech Zrt.
Bem tér 18/c,
Debrecen 4026, Hungary

How to reach the laboratory:

Radiocarbon directory and preparation laboratory:
Bem tér 18/c, II building, 2. floor, Debrecen.

For entering Atomki, please use the entrance at Poroszlay street 6.


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