Condition list

AMS 14C analyses conditions and pricelist

Hertelendi Laboratory of Environmental Studies, Debrecen, Hungary
(Isotoptech Zrt. and Atomki)

Regular AMS 14C dating fee (VAT* or other taxes are not included): 300 EUR/sample
carbonate, shell, water, soil/sediment, wood/plant, pollen, bone, air, aerosol, other organic  
Discount sample preparation fee (-60 EUR/sample):  

water/carbonate 14C analyses.
fossil/Modern C ratio analyses for biofuel or aerosol investigation.

Extra sample preparation fees (+50 EUR/sample or fraction):  
collagene-, cellulose-, pollen-extraction.
optional 2-step combustion for charcoal/soil/terracotta samples.
More C fraction C-14 dated (from 2-step combustion).

Optional δ13C and/or δ15N analyses using IRMS: 30 EUR/ sample
Optional aerosol EC/OC analyses using Sunset analyzer: 30 EUR/ sample
Service for satellite C-14 preparation labs:  
Sample received as purified CO2 gas, 14C analyses: 160 EUR/sample
Sample received as graphite (from approved satellite lab), 14C analyses: 100 EUR/sample


for persistent customers (sample number is summarized for the last 2 years)

  • for 10-20 dates bought - 10%
  • for 20-49 dates bought - 20%
  • for at least 50 dates bought - 30%

for scientific partners:

  • 10% (or persistent costumer’s discount if better)


  • Minimum measurable 14C content: 0.3 pMC (0.003 fM).
  • Precision for a Modern (100 pMC) sample: +/- 0.3 pMC

Turnover time:

Normal turnover time:
- 8 weeks
after the sample arrived to the Hertelendi Lab.

Express turnover time (150 EUR/sample extra fee):
- less than 4 weeks after the sample arrived to the Hertelendi lab.

If you have any questions regarding the sample submission process, please contact us.

2016.05.28. (prices are valid for orders made after this date)
VAT*: In case of (non Hungarian) EU members registered EU VAT Nr. is necessary, otherwise you must pay the Hungarian VAT (recently 27%) over the analyses net fee.

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