Accelerator Mass Spectrometer- Gas Ion source Interface

Accelerator Mass Spectrometer

Type: Mini Carbon Dating System (MICADAS) Ion Source: Cs sputtering (solid/gas targets)
Ion current: 50 mA C1- using 0.1 - 1mg C of a sample
Accelerator: 200 kV tandem, vacuum isolated
Transmission: 40% using N2 stripper gas
Type: special design for MICADAS
Sample injection: pure CO2 (4%) in He flow
Sample size: 0.01 – 0.1 mg C
Sample transfer: sealed tube, Elemental Analyzer, GasBench
Ion current: 15 mA C1- using 0.01 mg C of a sample
Developed in cooperation: ETH Zürich - ATOMKI – Isotoptech

A MICADAS type Accelerator Mass Spectrometer was installed to our Laboratory in July of 2011. The system is suitable for determination of radiocarbon content of the invastegated samples. The MICADAS was developed by Ion Beam Physics of ETH Zürich.

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