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Radiation monitoring systems

Radiation monitoring systems

Custom electronic interface to radiation detectors
Individual data logger and control units based on Raspberry Pi with touch screen
Ethernet and wireless internet based central data logger and control interface

As a reference work in design, development, construction and maintenance of radiation monitoring systems, our company has rebuilt the human dose-rate monitoring system of MTA ATOMKI.  Custom electronic interfaces have been built to connect to existing radiation detectors (GM tubes and neutron detectors). Every detection point has an individual data logger and control unit based on Raspberry Pi architecture. These units are equipped with touch screen as local interface and can connect to the local network via Ethernet (indoor) or wireless (outdoor) network. Software for data logging and remote controlling of the individual units has been developed to run on a server machine, with remote access from workstations.


Ander Istvan
NameIstván Vilmos Ander
Qualifications electrical engineer, physicist
Job description Development Manager
Specializations electronic design, embedded systems
Mobile number +36 30 388 2527
Phone number +36 (52) 509-200   /11347
NameLászló Rinyu PhD.
Qualifications physicist
Job description Research Fellow
Specializations mass spectrometry, measurement method development, software development
Mobile number +36303893121
Phone number +36 (52) 509-200   /11261
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